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5 Food-Centric Substack Newsletters You Want In Your Inbox

The Substack universe continues to expand. And as it expands, it gets deeper into various niches. Food, for example. Today, you can subscribe to a wide array of food-centric newsletters, which will bring news, recipes, opinions and more to your inbox. Here are five food-focused Substack newsletters to get you started.

From the Desk of Alicia Kennedy

Food, politics, culture, media and more collide in fascinating ways in each newsletter you get from the desk of Alicia Kennedy. A writer based in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Kennedy tackles the food world’s most complex questions with a curious eye and an entertaining style.

Read & Subscribe: https://www.aliciakennedy.news/

Stained Page News

If you’re anything like us, you love cookbooks. And you’ll love this newsletter. Written by Paula Forbes (whose name you may recognize from Lucky Peach, Food 52, and Epicurious), Stained Page News digs deep into the cookbook industry via incisive reviews, eye-opening interviews, and up-to-the-minute news.

Read & Subscribe: https://www.stainedpagenews.com/


Something else we love: snacks! Unsnackable is an endlessly awesome e-newsletter written by a snack fanatic known as Folu. She finds the coolest, weirdest, most delicious snacks in the world and shares them with her readers. Trust us, this one is amazing (and sometimes amazingly strange).

Read & Subscribe: https://unsnackable.com/

Good Drinks

Cocktails, anyone? Julia Bainbridge’s Good Drinks is almost all about drinking, of course — but with a twist. Bainbridge’s focus is alcohol-free beverages. Even if you’re not on the wagon, you won’t be able to resist Good Drinks’ recipes, insights, and more. For further explorations in non-alcoholic beverages, check out here book, Good Drinks: Alcohol-Free Recipes for When You’re Not Drinking For Whatever Reason.

Read & Subscribe: https://gooddrinks.substack.com/

This Needs Hot Sauce

You need This Needs Hot Sauce. Arriving in your inbox every Monday via Brooklyn-based freelance writer Abigail Koffler, it’s packed with recipes (cookies are a specialty), restaurant reviews and other foodie observations. As the title suggests, this one gets spicy sometimes!

Read & Subscribe: https://thisneedshotsauce.substack.com/

Looking for more Substack newsletters to subscribe to? Here are eight more. And while you’re at it, sign up for TURNER’s Weekly Download, too!