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Food & Beverage Trends For 2020

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2020 F&B Trends

The new decade is filled with new trends – especially in the food & beverage world. Springwise has gathered together some hot developments in F&B (which we may be tired of by the end of 2020). “Veganology” is here to stay, though. Katrina Lane writes: “Expect vegan habits to remain even when January is over, as consumers increasingly realize the effects of meat on their health and the environment.”

Chicken Sandwiches Are So Last Year

One thing’s for sure – the chicken sandwich explosion in 2019 is OVER. At least that’s what the Takeout is predicting. In its place? Blue food, for one thing. Aimee Levitt says: “This year blueness will appear in many forms: liquid (butterfly pea powder tea), solid (ube, a purple yam), and leafy (orach, aka mountain spinach).” But wait – what about … a blue chicken sandwich? This could be big.

Feeling Spiritual

And how about cocktails in 2020? The Spirits Business has a collection of cocktail trends to watch this year. Look for highballs to rise in popularity and the growth of tea-inspired spirits and syrups. Also, get ready for alternative acids! “A cocktail’s complex flavours are the result of the careful balance of sweet, salt, bitter and sour notes,” writes Owen Bellwood. “Increasingly, the source of a drink’s sour element has come from further afield than the humble citrus fruit. While lemon and lime juice can add a touch of zest to cocktails, bartenders are now often looking to other sources for that acidic hit.”

Stay Fresh

The worlds of travel and cuisine will continue to intersect in the new decade. Skift has gathered the ways that travel brands need to adjust to changing times. “Culinary travel is no longer just about cooking classes, wine tastings, or dinner at a Michelin-starred restaurant,” writes Paul Biasco. “The audience for more intensive food-related experiences is growing as well. It’s no longer the primary domain of chefs and others in the food and wine industry.” Check out the entire article.

Weekly Moment of Zen

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