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Travel’s New Normal: Flexcations, Digital Nomads & (Very) Remote Learning

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The New Nomads

Housebound professionals are eyeing the digital nomad lifestyle with envy. Who wouldn’t want to find a safe, stimulating destination to ride out the pandemic for a few weeks … or even a whole year? Destinations and hotels have noticed this growing trend. TURNER’s Adél Grobler has the lowdown on how they’re luring the next generation of digital nomads.

Remoter Learning

With many kids stuck at home for the school year, parents have had to figure out a new life.  A hotel on Mexico’s west coast wants to help with its “Knowledge For All Seasons” program. According to Travel + Leisure, “the hotel provides everything from complimentary Spanish classes to “study cabanas” for rent — complete with Wi-Fi, a TV monitor, headphones, a portable charger, snacks like popsicles and, of course, ocean views.”  Going back to school never sounded so good …

Introducing the Flexcation

Work and school at home? At the same time?! It’s madness. That’s why many people are considering a “flexcation.” According to Forbes, this is an emerging travel trend “where families book vacation rental trips later in August, September and October, consider staying longer to mix work and play, and often get better value in high-demand locales.”

Staying Close to Home

Some destinations are trying to lure their own residents to act like tourists at home. New Brunswick, Canada, for example, recently unveiled a $3-million staycation rebate program for residents. According to the Globe and Mail, “the province’s grant encourages locals to stay and spend in nearby communities and offers a 20-per-cent rebate of up to $1,000 per person.” That would definitely make a staycation more enticing!

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