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Fitness Game-Changers and Responsible Road Trips

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The Fitness Game-Changer

Fitness in 2020 just got a major shakeup courtesy of Apple. This week, the tech giant unveiled Fitness+, a new subscription service for virtual fitness classes. As with almost anything Apple does, it’s a game-changer. But according to TURNER’s Kelsey Comstock, Fitness+ isn’t necessarily bad news for other fitness brands who are trying to straddle the new hybrid of virtual / in-person workouts. Instead, it’s a sign that the hybrid model is here to stay – and a sign of continued demand for fitness as a whole.

The Responsible Road Trip

Raise your hand if you’re ready for a road trip? TURNER’s Amber Appelbaum recently took an ambitious journey across the western U.S., visiting several national parks. Of course, road tripping in 2020 is a little different than in previous years. In a time of social distancing, planning is essential. But so is being flexible. Check out Amber’s tips for a responsible road trip that will be refreshing and rejuvenating.

Travel Better

Being more responsible as travelers won’t end with the pandemic. It’s up to us to make travel better, says AFAR. “When we take a vacation, in a way we vacate ourselves, writes Eric Weiner. “When we travel with purpose—even if that purpose is as simple as traveling with an open mind and a kind heart—we fill ourselves, and, ideally, consider our impact on a destination.”

Going Normadic

You’ve heard of nomadic travel. But what about normadic travel? Forbes’ Alex Ledsom says it could be one of 2021’s biggest emerging trends. He says it’s “a yearning for what used to be considered standard, uninspiring and dull and what nobody used to want to Instagram; cheap rosé wine, sticky carpets and recirculated air.” Want an example? Check out Take Me Elsewhere, a crowdsourced website that gathers visuals from around the world with an interactive soundtrack.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Anyone feel like leaving the planet? Hotels.com is planning to offer future bookings … in outer space!