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Every Brand Is A Wellness Brand

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Getting Reel On Instagram

After a few months of anticipation, Instagram finally launched Reels, its TikTok competitor, last week. That means it’s time to start getting real about Reels, says TURNER’s Connor Howlett. He’s got some tips for how to get started with the new feature, along with a few key Reel-ers to follow (and learn from).

The New Travel Agent Niches

With the coronavirus still wreaking havoc on the industry, destinations and hospitality professionals should be on the lookout for the next wave of travel advisor niches. TURNER’s Naureen Kazi has the lowdown on the latest specialties that have experienced a boom in recent months.

Every Brand Is A Wellness Brand In 2020

Only a certain amount of companies would have described themselves as “wellness” brands when 2020 began. But now, every brand should be behaving like a wellness brand. “Today, before we invite [brands] in, we want to know if they will make us sick or help us stay healthy,” writes Fast Company’s Eric Weisbard. “We’re not just talking about brands like Listerine, Fitbit, and Peloton. We’re talking about every brand.”

Winter Is Not Canceled

With the holidays right around the corner, many in the travel industry are feeling iffy about how winter will go this year. But all is not doom and gloom, reports CNN. “Numerous data points indicate that come the 2020 holiday season, many would-be travelers are choosing not to travel — at least not yet,” writes Shivani Vora. “But there is evidence on the flip side showing that winter holiday vacations for some are still on the cards.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

This is definitely the best public library ad of all time — say hello to Curbside Larry.