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Emerging Voices, Webcam Travel and … Lady Gaga

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Packing Light With Gabby Beckford

Others have made the “quit-your-day-job-to-travel-full-time” move, but few have done it with the style – and success – of Gabby Beckford. Her Packs Light blog is packed with terrific content: tips, trends, resources, photos, news and more. The travel world is taking notice, too. Lonely Planet just singled Gabby out as an Emerging Voice Storyteller in its highly anticipated Best In Travel 2021 List. In between trips, TURNER talked with Gabby to get her point of view on a variety of hot topics…

Instagram Jealousy

As Gabby notes in our Q&A, Instagram is still huge for Gen Z travelers. But is Instagram sucking the spontaneity out of travel? The Insider’s Sophie-Claire Hoeller thinks so. “[W]hen it feels like practically everyone is on Instagram — the app boasts a billion users — travel isn’t about seeing places or trying new things,” she writes. “It’s about getting the perfect picture and making your friends jealous.”

The Year of Webcam Travel

By necessity, 2020 has been the year of virtual travel. How has it changed the way we see the world? In The Conversation, David Jarratt put together a questionnaire to get some answers. He discovered that webcam travel “provides a relatively affordable way for tourism organizations to connect with visitors as recovery looms. 90 percent of respondents felt a sense of connection to place or nature and 83 percent felt more positive after webcam travel.”

Virtual Events On The Rise

The MICE industry has had to make the move to the online world, too. Look to Seoul for a little guidance on how to do it right. The Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB) recently launched the “Virtual Seoul Platform” to be used for holding MICE events in the digital world. According to the organization, this is the first city destination marketing organization to build a platform as a MICE destination.

Weekly Moment of Zen

Oreo is launching Lady Gaga themed cookies. Here’s when you can get them.