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New Platforms On The Rise

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are old hat. But Media Update says it’s time to start paying attention to some of the emerging social media platforms that are rapidly rising in popularity. You may already be familiar with such upstarts as TikTok and Reddit. But how about Vero, an Instagram-y social network “free of advertisements, data mining and algorithms”? Or Steemit, “where users get paid for creating and curating content.” Get caught up!

TikTok Strategy

TikTok certainly was the social media platform of 2019. Currently, it has 500 million active daily users worldwide, and more people are signing up every day. How can marketers get in on the TikTok scene? Business2Community has some tips. One thing’s for sure: old approaches are just that – old. “Generation Z does not like to be pestered with ads or the direct sell, so much so that 51 percent of them use ad blockers,” writes Laura Donovan. “When targeting this generation traditional marketing techniques will not work.”

The Gen Z Revolution

For a deeper dive into marketing to Generation Z, head over to Vogue Business. “To connect with younger audiences, brands need to stay in tune with the changing online behaviour of Gen Z, who account for 40 per cent of global consumers as of this year,” writes Lucy Maguire. One thing to keep an eye on is the rise of so-called “dark social,” which is leading brands to produce shareable short form content on platforms like WhatsApp.

Breaking Bad Habits

As your social media marketing strategies evolve, you may have developed a few bad habits. It’s time to break them! Business2Community has six bad social media habits to leave behind in 2020. At the top of the list? Not listening to your audience. “Your audience doesn’t only talk to your brand,” writes Aleh Barysevich. “It also talks about it. By not listening to these conversations, you miss most feedback (good and bad), questions, and complaints.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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