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Dream Jobs

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Real Dream Job

We all have dream jobs. But Jackson Lebsack actually landed his. Ski.com hired the 20-year-old late last year to travel the world and ski the greatest slopes known to man. Over the course of two months, he’ll visit seven different countries on three separate continents. Does his new gig live up to the dream? Travel + Leisure tagged along to find out. “It’s definitely a lot of work,” Lebsack admits. “We play, play, play all day, which can be super draining when I realize I have to go and edit. But, then I think about, well, everyone my age is sitting in a classroom right now and doing that all day instead of this. And then I get really motivated.” Follow Jackson’s epic adventures on Instagram.

Now Hiring: Wienermobile Drivers

Of course, all dream jobs are different, depending on who you’re talking to. Some of us wouldn’t like an extended all-expenses-paid ski trip. Some of us would rather drive around the U.S.A. in a giant hot dog. Those types are in luck – Oscar Mayer is looking for Wienermobile drivers. Travel + Leisure reports that aspiring “Hotdoggers,” as they’re officially known, “will spend one year traveling the country while taking part in radio and television appearances, newspaper interviews, and visits to grocery stores, military events, and charity functions as the brand’s new goodwill ambassadors.” Don’t just wish you were an Oscar Mayer wiener! Become one for real!

Photo King

Robert King has one of the more conventional dream jobs. He’s one of the world’s best travel photographers. “The 29-year-old photographer’s work is filled with grand landscapes that pop with brilliant colors and huge-scale imagery,” writes Uproxx Allison Sanchez. “It feels alive, pulsing with a certain spirit of adventure. These aren’t just pretty pictures, they seem to hum with the energy of the person behind the camera.” In an interview, King reveals how to embrace the unknown on your travels, and how to successfully capture the world’s most spectacular locations. Inspiring! 

Traveling Healthy

If you can land a job that pays you to travel, one thing’s for sure. You’re going to have to travel healthy. CNN has tips on how to make sure your body doesn’t break down as you globetrot. We like one of the simpler pieces of advice: walk more! When you’re in a city, skip the Uber and walk to your destination. You’ll get some much-needed exercise and get to see the destination in a more authentic way. “Not only is walking good for you, it’s often the best way to explore an unfamiliar city,” writes Heather Platt. “New York, Vancouver, Paris, Buenos Aires, Boston and Miami (to name a few) are designed for pedestrian exploration.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Never mind goat yoga. Actor Sam Neill is doing yoga with his pig.