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YouTube Takeover

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest … they all pale in comparison to YouTube. According to new research from the Pew Foundation, more adults in the US use YouTube than any other social network. What’s more, social media use has remained in a holding pattern for the last several years — with the exception of YouTube and Reddit. As we put together social media strategies in the years to come, that’s good data to keep in mind.

Suspicious Sponsors

More good data in the social media world. Most social media users (58 percent) in the U.S. have not and never intend to buy products through influencer promo codes, according to a new survey report. Users aren’t interested in product placements and advertisements. Instead, they’re drawn to informative content that provides insight into a subject of interest. In other words, influencers with engaged, niche followings are ideal candidates for business partnerships.

Social Media Etiquette

Social media is always evolving. And so is social media etiquette. The New York Times has a handy guide to the online dos and don’ts of 2021. “After so much loss and isolation over the past year, people are on edge,” writes Courtney Rubin. “That vaccine selfie may feel joyous and hopeful to you, but it could be a digital slap in the face to someone who hasn’t received a vaccine shot or who has suffered a grave loss.”

Facebook Oversight

What about really poor social media etiquette? According to The Verge, “The Facebook Oversight Board will now allow users to appeal for posts to be taken down from the platform, a significant expansion of the Oversight Board’s scope.” There’s a catch, however. Independent from Facebook, the Oversight Board will only consider cases once a user has already exhausted their options for review within Facebook itself.

Weekly Moment of Zen

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