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The COVID Consumer

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COVID Consumer Confidence

How are consumers feeling about the COVID-19 retail experience? Looking at consumer confidence to shop in-store, a recent survey revealed four specific features that would help respondents feel safe when shopping in-store: Requiring contactless payments and mobile purchases (28 percent); Holding returned clothing and merchandise for 48 hours (27 percent); Allowing customers to book a private fitting room in advance that has been properly sterilized (26 percent); Color-coding returned clothing, based on how long ago the item was returned (18 percent).

Shifting Behavior

The pandemic has changed the way we shop in more ways than one. A recent consumer survey tries to make sense of it all. There are many interesting generational details. For example, 75 percent of millennials have bought goods online during the pandemic that they had not considered prior. “It is critical that online brands and retailers analyze their customer demographics and create differentiated brand experiences that appeal to them during these uncertain times,” said Zach Thomann, EVP and PFS General Manager. “Not all online retail categories are experiencing the same amount of growth, so differentiation is key to winning customers of all generations.”

The Work From Home Shopper

Obviously, consumers are doing a lot more online shopping during COVID. How is this changing the way that we find products? Oracle’s SmarterCX has some answers. The line between work and personal time is blurring even more than before. As a result, the editors write, “it’s vital to account for and adapt to this newly blended environment to deliver a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.”

How To Annoy Your Customers

Endless promotions and contests. Hashtag overload. Strained attempts at being hip or funny. These are just a few of the ways that brands are irritating their followers on social media. “The truth is that 86 percent of social media users want to and do follow brands on social,” reveals Sprout Social. “But when they do, they’re most often looking for relevant content, not another cringe-worthy post from an out of touch company.” Get some guidance from Sprout’s survey of more than 1,000 Facebook, Twitter and Instagram users.

Weekly Moment of Zen

This dad and son’s ritual of cooking and dancing is the sweetest thing you will see today.