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Connecting During COVID

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Connecting During COVID

The coronavirus pandemic continues to present challenges to destination marketing organizations. Even as we turn towards recovery and reopening, promoting a destination and reaching travelers isn’t easy. But TURNER’s Naureen Kazi says there are plenty of creative strategies that can boost your signal during this unprecedented time. Check out a few success stories from recent months.

How Sustainable Travel Could Be Bigger Than Ever

When 2020 kicked off, sustainable travel was set to be one of dominant trends in the industry. Over half (55%) of global travelers reported being more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were in previous years. Of course, a huge portion of travel plans went out the window when the coronavirus pandemic unfolded in the spring. But the move towards eco-friendly travel isn’t going anywhere, says TURNER’s Deborah Park. In fact, in the post-COVID world, it may be bigger than ever.

Travel Is Now Local

Some industry professionals are forecasting an extremely different future for travel — at least in the next few years. It’ll be focused on small communities and intimate, local experiences that travelers can reach by car. “Now, the focus is on finding places which people avoid, places like national parks,” writes Forbes’ Alex Ledson. “Or on taking tours where people respect social distancing such as individual rowing tours or llama trekking, where it’s just you and the animal, alone in the wilderness.”

Virtual Renaissance

Italy was the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year. Now, the country is recovering, but the tourism industry is still struggling, with the loss of an estimated $195 billion in tourism. The virtual world is offering some hope for troubled attractions, however. According to CruxNow, “visitors of the new website, https://mastersgalleryrome.teachable.com/, can enroll in courses where they can discover the wonders of St. Peter’s Basilica, unearth the archaeological marvels of the Roman port city of Ostia Antica or learn about the inspiration behind the works of Caravaggio.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Cute overload: People on Twitter are posting pics of their dogs as little puppies vs. what they look like now.