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The Fall Road Trip, Reinvented in Bermuda

The fall road trip is a time-honored tradition. But this year, shake things up a little. Trade in New England’s autumn red and gold for pink sand, turquoise waters and pastel architecture. Exchange brisk autumn wind for soothing beach breezes. Never mind bumpy rural roads. Try a scenic coastal cruise. That’s right, Bermuda is your new fall road trip fave, just a two-hour flight from most major U.S. east coast cities. The island may be small (it’s just 21 square miles). But what it lacks in size it makes up for in natural beauty, unique attractions and a welcoming culture. (That smaller size also makes it much quicker to get from place to place). And, now in 2019, it’s all accessible for visitors via eco-friendly electric rental cars.

Bermuda Rental Car Options

The fully electric Renault Twizy (a two-seat, tandem-style microcar with a range of 55+ miles per charge) by Current Vehicles has been a popular way to get around Bermuda with style and ease in recent years. Additionally, Localmotion’s Bermis feature air conditioning, blue tooth for smartphone and a panoramic roof for taking in all the island views. Fully electric, it allows drivers to travel quickly, quietly and swiftly, with a range of 160Km with lithium battery, easily recharged through any 110V socket. Finally, the Tazzari is two-passenger electric car can be rented from Oleander Cycles for $150 per day. It fits two passengers, sitting side by side, and has windows and air conditioning. Looking for something a little more muscular? Rugged Rentals has a fleet of electric minicar Hummer HXTs available for rent now in Bermuda. With a range of 70 to 90 miles per charge, these vehicles are sturdy, spacious and – yes – rugged.

Where to Go: Bermuda Road Trip Destinations

  • Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve – Explore 12 acres of pristine nature reserve to spot seabirds, giant land crabs and ancient Bermuda cedar trees on Cooper’s Island, at the southeastern tip of Bermuda.
  • Gibbs Hill Lighthouse – Located on Bermuda’s beautiful South Shore, this 117-foot lighthouse is one of only two cast-iron lighthouses still in existence and offers some of the best views on the island.
  • Town of St. George – A UNESCO Heritage Site, this is where Bermuda was born. Today, it retains its historical charm, with perfectly preserved buildings, quaint alleyways and
  • Tom Moore’s Jungle – Discover lush forest trails, swim in translucent blue waters and explore subterranean caves at this 12-acre reserve.