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The Booms, Revolutions & Styles of 2020

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2020 Boom

As a result of the ongoing pandemic, this year has been rough on many industries. But there are some sectors that are experiencing unprecedented growth. E-commerce, pets, recreational vehicles … these are the big booms of 2020. TURNER’s Adél Grobler takes a look at these industries for ways to survive – and possibly thrive – in a time of unprecedented upheaval.

Substack Revolution

The e-newsletter platform Substack is growing with leaps and bounds in 2020. “It’s a lifeboat for people off the wreck of Old Media — or New Media, for that matter,” Hollywood columnist Richard Rushfield told the New York Times. But with the wealth of Substack newsletter out there, it can be hard to know where to start. No worries. TURNER has gathered eight of the very best.


Fall migration isn’t just for the birds in 2020. With colder temps setting in and many schools still conducting remote-only learning, families who fled major cities for the spring and summer may now be eyeing new destinations for safe and comfortable winter quarantines. Hotels are ready for this new trend. Kimpton, for example, recently introduced a “chief virtual learning officer” who will help with Wi-Fi, virtual meeting software or other technical needs.

Zoom Style

The work from home life has become the standard for many people in 2020. But are you just staying in your PJs these days? The Wall Street Journal reports that it may be hurting your productivity. “Researchers studying links between clothes, brain activity and productivity have long found that dressing up for work can improve your performance,” writes Ray A. Smith. “Some are now turning their attention to how these factors play out in dressing for remote work and Zoom meetings—including the unexpected rise of the nice tops/schlubby bottoms combo.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

Pumpkin spice season is officially here … but never mind lattes. How about pumpkin spice mac ‘n’ cheese?