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The 5 Best Podcasts For PR Professionals

The podcast trend isn’t going anywhere in 2019. But with millions of options available, it can be hard to know what to listen to these days. Here are a few suggestions for podcasts that deal with the public relations world. Each one is entertaining and informative – the perfect blend. Hit subscribe and listen up …

Inside PR


Hosts: Gini Dietrich, Joseph Thornley and Martin Waxman

This podcast is just what the title says it is – a deep dive into the inner workings of the ever-changing world of public relations. Each week, three seasoned PR industry vets take a look at what’s going on with agencies, trends social media, and anything else that strikes them as relevant. They also bring in expert guests to offer insight into the future of public relations.

The Echo Chamber


Hosts: Arun Sudhaman and Aarti Shah

For illuminating rundowns of the trends that are shaping today’s public relations landscape, The Echo Chamber – part of the Holmes Report – is a must-subscribe podcast. Each episode, Sudhaman and Shah talk to PR industry experts about brand strategy, metrics, content marketing, client relations and much more.

Social Zoom Factor


Host: Pam Moore

In 2019, every PR professional knows that being social media savvy is necessary part of the job description. But it’s tough to keep up, when things in the fast-moving digital sphere seem to change with every passing week. Pam Moore’s Social Zoom Factor is the perfect way to stay on top of social media for businesses, with all kinds of takeaways for anyone with a vested interest in digital marketing.

Pitching PR


Host: Lesley Luce

In this engaging podcast, Lesley Luce talks to an array of PR industry types about the latest and greatest issues facing the industry. Insights come fast and thick, and the podcast isn’t afraid to deal with the tough questions.

Young PR Pros


Hosts: Kristine D’Arbelles, Julia Kent and Ross Simmonds

A PR podcast for the young – or the young at heart. If you’re looking for a guide to how to advance your career in the PR industry, this podcast won’t disappoint. It’s filled with tips on how to climb that ladder to the corner office.