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Print Revival: 2021’s Five Coolest Magazines

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We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: print is not dead. The world of magazines is almost always in flux. But there are still many of creative and unique print publications that are re-imagining the space. From food to travel, from music to fashion, check out some of 2021’s best magazines below.


Website: https://whalebonemag.com

Whalebone cheekily refers to itself as “possibly the world’s ninth-best publication.” But that modesty belies the extremely high-quality content that this Montauk-based mag provides on a bi-monthly basis. With extremely eye-catching design and photography complementing its features, Whalebone homes in on the cool stuff. Just flipping through it will make you feel instantly hipper.

Yolo Journal

Yolo Journal

Website: https://www.yolojournal.com

The creation of former Condé Nast Traveler creative director Yolanda Edwards, Yolo Journal is a pure shot of travel inspiration (something we could all use right now). The eye-candy factor is high; Edwards recruits some of the best photographers in the biz and lets them run wild. But it’s not all visual. The essays in Yolo are packed with insider tips and details that go way beyond the surface of a destination.


Whetstone Magazine

Website: https://www.whetstonemagazine.com

This isn’t your usual food magazine. Founded by Stephen Satterfield, Whetstone focuses on the origins of food. As a result, it’s about culture as much as it’s about cuisine. Whetstone’s editors, writers and photographers use food as a leaping off point to better understand humans and the world. The result is a fascinating, eye-opening journey.

Maggot Brain

Website: https://thirdmanstore.com/products/maggot-brain

You read that title right — Maggot Brain. It’s a reference to the classic 1970 Funkadelic LP of the same name. Part of ex-White Stripes founder Jack White’s ever-expanding multimedia Third Man empire, Maggot Brain digs deep into music’s past, present and future (with regular side-trips into movies, art and beyond). It’s an aficionado’s dream come true. But thanks to editor Mike McGonigal’s watchful eye, it’s accessible and fun for the newbie as well.

Huck Magazine

Huck Magazine

Website: https://www.huckmag.com

If you’re on the hunt for tomorrow’s trends, Huck Magazine will help you out. The UK-based mag seems to always be ahead of the curve, whether they’re covering politics, dance crazes, cutting-edge fashion and more. Some of the topics may seem outlandish — but trust us: the mainstream mags will be giving page space to them in about two years.

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