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Beauty + Wellness

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Beauty + Wellness

Beauty and wellness – they go hand in hand, right? According to The Business of Fashion, they should be even closer. “Beauty brands need to find their way into the wellness market, because that’s where their customers are,” writes Rachel Strugatz. “Wellness captures SoulCycle fanatics and clean eaters, yogis and beauty junkies. All are seeking to improve themselves in different ways, but beauty invariably ends up becoming a part of that mix.” So start paying attention – we’ll be seeing a lot more beauty in wellness spaces in 2019 and beyond.

The Cost of Feeling Good

The blend of beauty and wellness is going to result in more costs for consumers. It’s already happening, according to Refinery29’s latest Feel Good Diary. The headline says it all: “I’m 28 & Spent $1,425 On My Wellness Routine This Week.” Massages, infrared saunas, workouts, facials, CBD edibles – they all add up! Even intermittent fasting isn’t as cheap as it sounds. But it’s all worth it, says our anonymous correspondent. “As long as I feel like something makes a difference in my life, I’m happy to incorporate it into my routine moving forward.”

Fight Your Hangover With … Beer?

There are plenty of studies telling us a glass of wine a night is good for your health. And wellness cocktails are all the rage. But what about beer? Say hello to so-called “recovery beers.” According to Bon Appetit, recovery beers “are brewed with sea salts, electrolytes, and other ingredients to help you refuel.” They first gained popularity among athletes, but now they’re edging their way into the mainstream. A beer that battles hangovers? Seems counterintuitive, but we’re willing to try it out. Sufferfest Beer Company is at the cusp of the trend, with the aim to brew the “Gatorade of beers.”

Sweet Jane

We’re always trying to figure out what’s next in the wellness world. But to learn about the future, it can help to look to the past. Case in point, a new book by Bryan Kozlowski: The Jane Austen Diet. The most important part of Jane’s healthy lifestyle? Daily rhythms. “This means popping outside for a walk first thing in the morning and holding off a couple of hours before sitting down to a simple breakfast of tea and thinly sliced toast (the most carbs I’ll have all day),” writes Vogue’s Lauren Mechling. Makes sense (and sensibility) to us!

Weekly Moment of Zen

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