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The Rise of Athleisure

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The Rise of Athleisure

How did athleisure come to dominate our wardrobes? You can get a primer on the global fashion revolution over on the Atlantic. The trend actually goes back further than you might have thought. But it’s ramped up considerably in recent years. “According to one survey, the share of upper-income teenagers who say that athleisure stores like Lululemon are their favorite apparel brands has grown by a factor of six in the past decade,” writes Derek Thompson. “Incongruously, athleisure has grown in popularity among teens at the same time that American youth sport participation has declined significantly.”

Leggings Uproar

Athletic wear may be fully mainstream in 2019. But it’s still causing controversy. Vox has all the details on the uproar over leggings and beyond. “Leggings are never just leggings,” writes Kaitlyn Tiffany. “Girls and women can never just wear them in peace, and complaints about them can never just be ignored — the extremely old, extremely prolonged conversation about what’s appropriate to wear and what’s appropriate to say about what other people are wearing always seems to become a national news story.”

Subscribe To Your Athleisure

Subscription services are all the rage these days. So it’s no surprise that athleisure’s big name – Lululemon – is getting in on the action. The brand has tested the Netflix-like service in Edmonton, Canada, and plans to roll it out in more markets by the end of the year. What will subscribers get? You’ll receive a pair of pants or shirts, access to events inside Lululemon stores and free shipping. Look for more apparel brands to jump in on this trend …

Runway Reinvention

Athleisure is also making inroads into the world of high fashion. Upscale brands are adapting athletic wear designs for the runway, reports GQ. “Fashion and sport are no longer competing cliques in the high school cafeteria,” writes Samuel Hine. “A plethora of new brands—from Nike-led collaborations to insurgent upstarts—are turning out highly advanced workout gear that doesn’t look out of place at fashion week.” More and more, it’s an athleisure dominated world.

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