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2020 Travel Pulse Check

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Staying On Top Of Trends

This year isn’t turning out the way anyone planned, to say the least. Coronavirus has changed the way people live, work and play. TURNER’s Naureen Kazi has the lowdown on three pandemic consumer trends that have exploded in recent months. From biking to birding, each one offers tourism and hospitality industry pros a chance to stay on top of what potential travelers will be looking for in the future.

2020 Pulse Check

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, how are people feeling about traveling right now? Hesitant, Forbes reports. According to a new survey, “about one quarter of Americans say are ready to travel but ‘feel some hesitation.’ Eleven percent say they are ready to travel ‘with no hesitations,’ and an equal percentage say they are already traveling.” Additionally, less than 30 percent said they planned to stay overnight in a hotel in the next three months.

Carbon Removal

As we’ve noted, the sustainable travel trend isn’t going anywhere. Experts predict that a new form of carbon offset will be vital in the coming years. The BBC reports that while “the economic impacts of the virus may slow efforts to reduce aviation emissions long term, voluntary carbon offsetting will arguably be more important than ever when the international travel industry is firing on all engines again.”

Conscious Travel

Going hand in hand with sustainable travel is the concept of conscious travel. This means being mindful of the impact of travel on the environment, on local communities and our own well-being. BizCommunity has a rundown of “some easy things you can do to preserve our world, and our health and safety, for the next generation of conscious travelers.”

Weekly Moment of Zen

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