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Books For Denver Students

Books For Denver Students

In a world increasingly dominated by screens, books are still an essential part of any classroom. That’s why when TURNER Vice President Venessa Correa learned of a local Denver teacher’s need for series books for her 4th grade students, she leapt at the opportunity to make a donation in Christine Turner’s name – the perfect way to celebrate TURNER’s 20th anniversary.

The teacher, Mrs. Swift, wrote: “My students are craving book series that capture and keep their interest, longer than just reading one book and onto the next topic. From first hand experience, I know these book series to be engaging and so good they can’t be put down, like Harry Potter, A Series of Unfortunate Events, The Mysterious Benedict Society Collection, and Hogwarts series. Always at this time of year, I am seeking out titles to freshen up our classroom library and this year is no different.”

Earlier this month, we were excited to receive a number of handwritten thank you notes from the students – we hope they’re enjoying their new books!


Venessa made the donation via the DonorsChoose website, a fantastic resource that helps teachers all over the U.S. get the materials they need to better teach our kids. Head to DonorsChoose.org and enter your city, state, or zip to find out what projects are in need of funding in your area.