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Bringing PowerDot To The Masses

PowerDot is in the process of reinventing fitness recovery. Using electrical muscle stimulation to activate your muscle fibers, compact Powerdot device increases performance, prevents injury, enhances overall health, mitigates pain and reduces soreness. It’s convenient, easy to use and most of all – it works. But as with any new, niche product, PowerDot requires education, engagement and promotion. That’s where TURNER comes in.

TURNER was tasked with introducing PowerDot brand and product to media. Within a niche category, PowerDot was new to the market and really required trial and engagement in order to understand the benefits of this smart, electric muscle stimulation device.


TURNER recommended a week-long media series in New York City, to introduce the brand and encourage trial. The two-pronged approach included media sweat-working appointments, where TURNER coordinated one-on-one ‘sweat dates’ with media at local fitness studios and gifted a PowerDot unit, encouraging pre and post workout trial; in addition to an in-office pop-up workout, where TURNER partnered with noteworthy trainer Emily Samuel to host a 45-minute class at the mindbodygreen office, inclusive of pre and post workout tutorials with the product.


TURNER met with 20 top-tier media – interactions that resulted in the brand being featured in such publications as Women’s Health, SHAPE, Men’s Health and Gear Patrol, among others. The positive coverage firmly established the brand as the leader in its category, right out of the gate. “I’m telling you all now that at-home EMS systems like the PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator ($249) are going to be the next fitness trend focused on workout recovery,” wrote Popsugar’s Tamara Pidgett. Additionally, TURNER’s efforts strengthened relationships with top editors from publications such as SELF, Runner’s World, mindbodygreen, espnW, Business Insider, Good Morning America and Well+Good, among others.


Obermeyer Stands Out at OR

With thousands of exhibitors, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd at Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show in Denver. TURNER was tasked with making sure that didn’t happen to Obermeyer, the renowned, Aspen-based producer of performance outerwear.

The overarching goal was to leverage Obermeyer’s participation at the 2018 Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show, strengthening media relationships and introducing the brand’s newest collection. Obermeyer was also debuting its first-ever Fall collection, and wanted to ensure ample coverage around those items, as well as the greater brand heritage story.


TURNER recommended a two-pronged approach to build brand loyalty among key media and influencers. In addition to securing in-booth appointments, TURNER invited media to an exclusive pop-up coffee bar prior to the show at a hotel neighboring the Convention Center, positioning Obermeyer as the convenient key to all-day trade show stamina. The strategy nearly doubled media exposure throughout the weekend, as compared to prior years.


Feedback from media at the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show was extremely positive, resulting in:

  • 17 total media placements
  • 5 million media impressions
  • 58 total media appointments over the course of three days

Worth noting: The majority of gear coverage included Obermeyer’s Fall heritage collection.

Obermeyer was also awarded SKI Magazine’s “Show Stopper” and The Manual’s “Best of Show” accolades, and received product requests for Backpacker, Outside Magazine and SKI Magazine’s Fall/Winter Buyer’s Guides.


Putting the Spotlight on Rhone

Rhone, makers of premium activewear that is engineered with principle, performance and progress for the modern man, was inspired by the lack of performance options for men in the marketplace. In 2017, the brand unveiled the Commuter Pant, blending amazing comfort and stretch with unparalleled style and sophistication to create the perfect pants for travel, work and life. Made from luxury Japanese stretch fabric, the pants had so much pre-release buzz that they sold out within three weeks. To capitalize on the popularity of the Commuter Pant, and to highlight the brand’s state of the art design and technology, TURNER was tasked with keeping that buzz going for the product and the Rhone brand as a whole.


TURNER’s media relations strategy to highlight the Commuter Pant as the ultimate lifestyle pant for men included:

  • Strategically seeding the Commuter Pant to national A-list media outlets in the lifestyle, fashion and wellness space;
  • Securing coverage based on wear testing experience and ensuring that the brand technology and ethos were weaved throughout the story.
  • Cultivating relationships with media outside the typical demo for Rhone which included touching upon media in the travel and business space to showcase the versatility of the product across varying lifestyles, specifically media that had long commutes that we knew would benefit from the pants functionality.


Rhone’s Commuter Pant is a clear media and consumer favorite, with TURNER’s efforts adding up to over 100 million impressions to date. We landed feature coverage in Business Insider, Men’s Journal, The Manual, and Inside Hook, among others.


Prime Time for Primus

Since 1892, Swedish-stove brand Primus has been globally recognized for pioneering outdoor cooking, primarily through its innovative backpacking stoves. While the brand is widely known by the endemic outdoor audience, its launch of camping stoves in 2016 presented an opportunity to target a more general lifestyle audience, allowing Primus to become a part of the growing trend in outdoor recreation among millennials and urban dwellers.


TURNER knew that the outdoor endemic audience would love the new collection of camping stoves right out of the box. So we expanded media outreach to lifestyle, culinary, design and travel outlets, positioning Primus as a tastemaker in social outdoor cooking with story angles such as “Tailgating Essentials for the Big Game” and “How to Host a Summer Cookout,” among others.

TURNER found that many editors have a personal interest in camping and family camping and wanted to test out the product during summer weekend trips. Others were impressed with the sleek-but-functional design of the stoves. Specifically, the Kamoto OpenFire Pit caught on as the ideal alternative to having a bulky backyard stove and was even given a test-grill by a writer on her Brooklyn patio, which resulted in coverage on Food Republic.


Through taking a more general lifestyle approach to Primus products, TURNER garnered a total of 255,213,776 impressions for the CampFire Collection. Among lifestyle, culinary design and travel outlets specifically, the collection reached 219,580,047 impressions alone including coverage on TODAY, Women’s Health, Real Simple, Refinery29, Food Republic and Sunset among others.


Bringing Duluth Trading Co. to NYC

Duluth Trading Company is a differentiated everyday lifestyle brand — one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its culture is defined by irreverence and humor, challenging the status quo and bringing humor to every day universal truths. Duluth’s offerings are solution-based, manufactured with high quality craftsmanship, and built to solve problems that working men and women didn’t know they had.

As a Midwestern workwear brand with such a no-nonsense point of view, Duluth had its challenges relating to a New York media landscape. But TURNER knew that once Big Apple editors got into the Duluth state of mind, they would understand the product’s functionality and purpose. So we set about bringing Duluth to NYC in an authentic way that brought the brand’s culture to life. Axe throwing, anyone?


TURNER created an event series that allowed media to wear test Duluth product in an on-brand environment, settling on axe throwing as the perfect backdrop. This exciting activity is popping up in locations across the country, and considering Duluth outfits the top STIHL Timbersports athletes in the U.S.A., we’ve become razor-sharp experts on the discipline.

Every season, TURNER invites a group of editors to Gotham Archery in Brooklyn to learn how to “whack and hack like a lumberjack.” Each attendee is kitted out in a full Duluth look so that he or she can test out the durability of the Fire Hose Work Pants, the F.O.M.™ Freedom of Movement provided by the Free Swingin’ Flannels, and the stay-put technology of the Longtail T® Shirt.


NYC’s writers and editors discovered their inner lumberjacks. Each axe throwing takeover proved to be a successful wear testing opportunity for media, who loved learning a new discipline while getting a richer picture of the Duluth brand. Editors walked away with a newfound understanding of Duluth’s style, brand voice and its product offering.

The events brought forth significant social coverage with call outs to the brand and use of the designated hashtag #DuluthKicksAxe, reaching 62.7k followers across editor and outlet channels. In addition to creating long-term brand loyalists, Duluth also saw a number of national placements following the events including product features on mental_flossInsideHook and Cool Hunting.


A Smart Launch with Nixon

The smartwatch phenomenon has grown slowly but steadily over the past few years, as consumers have begun to embrace wearables as essential pieces of technology – especially consumers who lead an intense, outdoor lifestyle. But that rugged lifestyle requires a rugged smartwatch. Enter the Mission by Nixon.

In March 2016, TURNER helped Nixon make a splash in the crowded smartwatch category with the launch of the Mission, the world’s first ultra-rugged action sports smartwatch. Built on the latest technology from Google’s Android Wear™ smartwatch platform and with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon™ Wear 2100 system-on-chip, the Mission features a suite of custom applications tailored to action sports activity tracking. The smartwatch also features a category-first 10-ATM water resistance rating putting its functionality and durability above competitors. 


The Mission just might be the perfect smartwatch. TURNER set about giving it the perfect launch. Liaising with Nixon and the Google and Qualcomm communication teams, TURNER helped develop and execute a global public relations plan designed to firmly establish Nixon as a leader in the category. Incorporating gifting, deskside appointments, and ongoing creative pitches targeted to not just action sports audiences, but also to travel, fashion, fitness, tech and business press, resulting in vast brand and product coverage in top tier tech and lifestyle sites. 


Mission accomplished. Writers and editors loved the Mission’s unique capabilities, giving the Mission coverage in Fast Company, Digital Trends, GQ, Mashable, Men’s Health, National Geographic Adventure, Outside, Popular Mechanics, WIRED and Women’s Wear Daily, among others. To date, the Mission smartwatch has garnered over 800 million total known impressions, cementing Nixon’s credibility in the smartwatch space.


Bombas Gives A Million Thanks

When Randy Goldberg and David Heath founded Bombas – the stylish sock brand with a unique one-pair-bought, one-pair-donated mission – they predicted that it would take 10 years to reach the “one million pairs donated” milestone. They were off by about seven-and-a-half years.

In September 2016, Bombas announced that one million pairs of its purpose-built socks had been donated to homeless shelters across the U.S., where socks are the number-one most requested item. This occasion deserved a celebration, and TURNER set out to create a buzz-worthy moment that showcased Bombas’ rapid rise and righteous approach.


TURNER suggested creating a “Thank You” video called A Million Thanks that would tell the story of Bombas’ journey from the start and offer thanks to everyone who supported the brand on the road to the million-pairs milestone.

We also knew of a great visual hook. From the very beginning, David had promised to get a tattoo of the Bombas logo on his arm if/when the company reached the millionth pair mark. He had no intention of breaking that promise – and we wanted to capture that moment on film.

Additionally, to engage with past partners, influencers, media and celebrities and thank them for their support of the brand, TURNER recommended creating a special “Celebration Box” to produce a shareable moment tied to the milestone. A call to action was included encouraging Bombas supporters to share on social media in some capacity and in turn the brand would donate on their behalf or to a shelter of their choice.


Through our strategic press outreach to targeted long- and short-lead media, Bombas’ news was highlighted in such outlets as Good Housekeeping, Modern Luxury Manhattan, The Manual, Well + Good and Women’s Running. As for the Celebration Box, TURNER secured social placements from editors and writers at ELLE.com, Harper’s Bazaar, Good Housekeeping, Teen Vogue, and GQ. Now … on to Bombas’ next million pairs!


CorePower Yoga & Julianne Hough

For a brand, a celebrity endorsement can be a powerful tool. But collaborating authentically with a celebrity? That’s priceless. 

Celebrity collabs are key for certain brands. They create marketing platforms. They help brands stand out in their categories. They provide fresh media pitching angles. They boost sales. However, finding the right celebrity to work with is a delicate art. Does the celebrity fall in line with the brand’s core values? Does he or she appeal to the brand’s target audience? Is the celebrity genuinely into the brand’s offerings, or is it just a payday?

For CorePower Yoga, the perfect celebrity was Julianne Hough, the dynamic Dancing With The Stars phenomenon. The best part? Julianne was already a passionate devotee of CorePower’s physically intense, mindful approach to yoga.


TURNER knew Julianne loved CorePower Yoga, taking classes on a weekly basis, and decided to take the relationship to the next level. Through targeted outreach, Julianne’s team let us know about a “pop-up” workout program that she and her brother (and fellow Dancing With The Stars performer) Derek had just launched called MOVE Interactive, which seeks to build community through fitness and healthy living. We knew this was the winning approach. As part of the MOVE Interactive initiative, TURNER, CorePower and the Houghs collaborated on a free 75-minute C2 CorePower Yoga class at CorePower’s Hollywood location. The class was open to the public on a first come, first serve basis – and with Julianne and Derek both posting to their social media channels to let fans know about the class, a major turnout was guaranteed.

With a packed studio, and Julianne and Derek flowing in the front row, CorePower Yoga instructor Danice Cabanela taught a 75-minute C2 vinyasa flow, jamming out to energetic beats and infusing mindfulness in a kickass workout. CorePower Yoga provided attendees with complimentary yoga mats and towels for the class. Julianne and Derek gave an inspiring post-class Q&A, and then mingled and took photos with guests for another hour.

Documentation was essential. TURNER had a Getty photographer on site to take pictures before, during and after class, getting shots that were then serviced out to weeklies and fitness publications. 


The payoff for the CorePower–Hough collaboration was major, with related coverage in JustJared.com, CeleBuzz, The Good Life, Radar Online and SheKnows. The biggest win, however, came from US Weekly. In an article titled “The Houghs’ Fitness Mission,” the 1,963,995-circulation publication included details and photos of the CorePower Hollywood event.


Alpha Industries Takes SXSW By Storm

Its roots are as a military outfitter, but in recent years heritage American outerwear brand Alpha Industries has emerged as a power player in the fashion world. Worn by celebrities, influencers and artists alike, Alpha is sweeping the streets in style with its timeless MA-1 Flight Jacket, and has become one of this season’s biggest trends.

TURNER set out to capitalize on Alpha’s moment by launching the brand’s #AlphaMission social media campaign at Austin, Texas’ South by SouthWest (SXSW) — one of the world’s biggest (and most influential) music, film and interactive media festivals.


In an effort to expand Alpha Industries’ social following and promote the #AlphaMission hashtag (which encouraged users to share photos of how they explore with their Alpha gear), TURNER implemented a social street style and influencer activation program during SXSW. The brand created a presence at SXSW producing rich, captivating content in collaboration with musicians, and covering street style and performance showcases.

Alpha Industries’ SWXW presence was centered on a VIP gifting suite that targeted top tier artists, as well as local emerging bands. More than 35 performing artists were gifted with MA-1 Flight Jackets prior to the festival, while top line artists such as DNCE and Kacy Hill were given custom pieces.

Meanwhile, TURNER team members were on the ground during the festival capturing SXSW street style, spotting Alpha Industries gear, and trend spotting via Instagram, Twitter and Periscope. In additional to covering the festival, we were able to execute consumer-facing activation for attendees offering discounts via stickers passed out throughout the festival.


The activation program generated buzz among influencers and increased social engagement organically across Alpha Industries’ social platforms. The gifting suite reached artists Kacy Hill and Prince Fox who posted on their social platforms and tagged the brand, while Joe Jonas was seen out and about wearing his custom jacket. With this program we were able to foster new relationships with artists and labels for future collaborations and expose the brand to a new audience.


CorePower Yoga: First Impressions

First impressions are everything – especially for brands. That’s why making a significant splash in a new market is vital at all stages, from the lead-up to the grand opening to what comes next. It’s about building buzz, but also maintaining buzz.

Recently, premier yoga brand CorePower Yoga entered the Charlotte, NC and Philadelphia markets, opening its first studios in these vibrant cities. TURNER was challenged with supporting the studio’s pre-, grand and post-opening to ensure maximum consumer impact, membership conversions and continued foot traffic.



To yield significant media coverage and buzz surrounding CorePower’s entry into Charlotte, TURNER focused on in-market media engagement tactics, including exclusive pitch opportunities, a pop-up experience, a pre-opening media event, unique partnerships, influencer collaborations, post-opening reviews and spokesperson interviews.

TURNER coordinated a partnership with Industry, a local co-working space, for a CPY “sweat working” series leading up to the new studio opening, offering two free classes, open to the public and Industry members. CPY also teamed up with the Charlotte Observer for a first-look at the studio for a feature story, which ran two days prior to the studio opening. CPY also hosted a media preview two days prior to the studio opening, where 10+ media received a tour of the studio and a private, signature C2 class. TURNER also hooked CPY up with local Charlotte influencer The Dainty Darling to host a grand opening event – free and open to the public – followed by a post-class reception.


TURNER curated an exclusive Philadelphia media hour prior to the grand opening “Friends & Family” class to allow local journalists and bloggers the first chance to cover and review the new studio. We invited guests in for a brand overview, studio tour and retail showcase before joining CorePower Yoga’s signature heated vinyasa class. Following the class, media guests were treated to post-class refreshments and one-on-one time with the studio manager and instructors. Media and influencer attendees included Philadelphia Magazine’s “Be Well Philly” blog editor and a contributor to BizBash Philadelphia, both of whom wrote aptly-timed features highlighting CorePower Yoga as a new and leading player in the local fitness scene.


CorePower Yoga made a strong first impression in both Philadelphia and Charlotte. TURNER secured a range of feature coverage positioning the brand as these cities’ new leader in yoga, including key brand messaging and priorities such as its unique practice, opening promotions, studio manager and instructors’ point of view, grand opening event details and more. The coverage resulted in increased membership sales and continued community buzz and foot traffic.

TURNER’s efforts in Charlotte resulted in multiple features in the Charlotte Observer, as well as additional coverage in Carolina Style Magazine, the Charlotte Agenda, the Charlotte Post, Charlotte Five, local fitness blog Sweat & Sweets and more.

In Philadelphia, CorePower Yoga was featured in top regional print, online and broadcast media including Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia Weekly, FOX 29 News Philadelphia, FYI Philly (ABC 6) and BizBash Philadelphia, among others.

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