Turner PR

Bringing PowerDot To The Masses

PowerDot is in the process of reinventing fitness recovery. Using electrical muscle stimulation to activate your muscle fibers, compact Powerdot device increases performance, prevents injury, enhances overall health, mitigates pain and reduces soreness. It’s convenient, easy to use and most of all – it works. But as with any new, niche product, PowerDot requires education, engagement and promotion. That’s where TURNER comes in.

TURNER was tasked with introducing PowerDot brand and product to media. Within a niche category, PowerDot was new to the market and really required trial and engagement in order to understand the benefits of this smart, electric muscle stimulation device.


TURNER recommended a week-long media series in New York City, to introduce the brand and encourage trial. The two-pronged approach included media sweat-working appointments, where TURNER coordinated one-on-one ‘sweat dates’ with media at local fitness studios and gifted a PowerDot unit, encouraging pre and post workout trial; in addition to an in-office pop-up workout, where TURNER partnered with noteworthy trainer Emily Samuel to host a 45-minute class at the mindbodygreen office, inclusive of pre and post workout tutorials with the product.


TURNER met with 20 top-tier media – interactions that resulted in the brand being featured in such publications as Women’s Health, SHAPE, Men’s Health and Gear Patrol, among others. The positive coverage firmly established the brand as the leader in its category, right out of the gate. “I’m telling you all now that at-home EMS systems like the PowerDot Smart Muscle Stimulator ($249) are going to be the next fitness trend focused on workout recovery,” wrote Popsugar’s Tamara Pidgett. Additionally, TURNER’s efforts strengthened relationships with top editors from publications such as SELF, Runner’s World, mindbodygreen, espnW, Business Insider, Good Morning America and Well+Good, among others.