Turner PR

Bringing Duluth Trading Co. to NYC

Duluth Trading Company is a differentiated everyday lifestyle brand — one that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Its culture is defined by irreverence and humor, challenging the status quo and bringing humor to every day universal truths. Duluth’s offerings are solution-based, manufactured with high quality craftsmanship, and built to solve problems that working men and women didn’t know they had.

As a Midwestern workwear brand with such a no-nonsense point of view, Duluth had its challenges relating to a New York media landscape. But TURNER knew that once Big Apple editors got into the Duluth state of mind, they would understand the product’s functionality and purpose. So we set about bringing Duluth to NYC in an authentic way that brought the brand’s culture to life. Axe throwing, anyone?


TURNER created an event series that allowed media to wear test Duluth product in an on-brand environment, settling on axe throwing as the perfect backdrop. This exciting activity is popping up in locations across the country, and considering Duluth outfits the top STIHL Timbersports athletes in the U.S.A., we’ve become razor-sharp experts on the discipline.

Every season, TURNER invites a group of editors to Gotham Archery in Brooklyn to learn how to “whack and hack like a lumberjack.” Each attendee is kitted out in a full Duluth look so that he or she can test out the durability of the Fire Hose Work Pants, the F.O.M.™ Freedom of Movement provided by the Free Swingin’ Flannels, and the stay-put technology of the Longtail T® Shirt.


NYC’s writers and editors discovered their inner lumberjacks. Each axe throwing takeover proved to be a successful wear testing opportunity for media, who loved learning a new discipline while getting a richer picture of the Duluth brand. Editors walked away with a newfound understanding of Duluth’s style, brand voice and its product offering.

The events brought forth significant social coverage with call outs to the brand and use of the designated hashtag #DuluthKicksAxe, reaching 62.7k followers across editor and outlet channels. In addition to creating long-term brand loyalists, Duluth also saw a number of national placements following the events including product features on mental_flossInsideHook and Cool Hunting.