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CorePower Yoga & Julianne Hough

For a brand, a celebrity endorsement can be a powerful tool. But collaborating authentically with a celebrity? That’s priceless. 

Celebrity collabs are key for certain brands. They create marketing platforms. They help brands stand out in their categories. They provide fresh media pitching angles. They boost sales. However, finding the right celebrity to work with is a delicate art. Does the celebrity fall in line with the brand’s core values? Does he or she appeal to the brand’s target audience? Is the celebrity genuinely into the brand’s offerings, or is it just a payday?

For CorePower Yoga, the perfect celebrity was Julianne Hough, the dynamic Dancing With The Stars phenomenon. The best part? Julianne was already a passionate devotee of CorePower’s physically intense, mindful approach to yoga.


TURNER knew Julianne loved CorePower Yoga, taking classes on a weekly basis, and decided to take the relationship to the next level. Through targeted outreach, Julianne’s team let us know about a “pop-up” workout program that she and her brother (and fellow Dancing With The Stars performer) Derek had just launched called MOVE Interactive, which seeks to build community through fitness and healthy living. We knew this was the winning approach. As part of the MOVE Interactive initiative, TURNER, CorePower and the Houghs collaborated on a free 75-minute C2 CorePower Yoga class at CorePower’s Hollywood location. The class was open to the public on a first come, first serve basis – and with Julianne and Derek both posting to their social media channels to let fans know about the class, a major turnout was guaranteed.

With a packed studio, and Julianne and Derek flowing in the front row, CorePower Yoga instructor Danice Cabanela taught a 75-minute C2 vinyasa flow, jamming out to energetic beats and infusing mindfulness in a kickass workout. CorePower Yoga provided attendees with complimentary yoga mats and towels for the class. Julianne and Derek gave an inspiring post-class Q&A, and then mingled and took photos with guests for another hour.

Documentation was essential. TURNER had a Getty photographer on site to take pictures before, during and after class, getting shots that were then serviced out to weeklies and fitness publications. 


The payoff for the CorePower–Hough collaboration was major, with related coverage in JustJared.com, CeleBuzz, The Good Life, Radar Online and SheKnows. The biggest win, however, came from US Weekly. In an article titled “The Houghs’ Fitness Mission,” the 1,963,995-circulation publication included details and photos of the CorePower Hollywood event.