Turner PR

Boast & The U.S. Open

More and more, the online landscape is defined by “the moment” – that exciting event that grabs everyone’s attention and dominates lifestyle social media feeds. Boast USA, a cult heritage tennis brand with an irreverent style and voice, offers technical options for on-court action, so TURNER wanted to deliver something shareable during the U.S. Open, always one of tennis’ most exciting “moments.”

What We Did

With all eyes on tennis, TURNER came up with concept of creating a clever tennis infographic that quickly (and entertainingly) refreshed audiences on the “Rules of the Game.” Using the brand’s offbeat voice and creative cues, our in-house digital content team developed a quick-turn infographic – including tennis lingo, “tips for the tennis virgin” and more – that nicely complemented Boast product pitches. It was informative, visually dynamic and fun: the perfect piece of shareable, click-worthy content.

The Results

Game, point, match. In the first three days, Harper’s Bazaar, Town & Country, Esquire, Style.com, Refinery29 and others all picked up the “Rules of the Game” infographic, sharing it with thousands of users. It was also posted on Boast’s social channels as well as channels of their partner retailers.