Turner PR

Christine Turner

Founder & President

  • Then and Now:

  • Christine founded TURNER in 1997 with a steadfast belief in the power of the media and a passion to share brand stories. She earned a reputation as one of the most trusted and results-oriented publicists in the country. Serving as a strategic partner to clients and a reliable resource for journalists drove consumer influence, brand engagement and sales, building the foundation of credibility that remains with the company. Today, Christine and her tenured team serve globally recognized travel and lifestyle brands from the firm’s offices in New York, Chicago and Denver.

  • From the Ground up:

  • Having built the business from the ground up, Christine has tremendous appreciation for each role contributing to the firm’s success. She empowers her leadership team and has built a company around a team of brilliant, passionate PR and digital experts with immense depth in the firm’s niche industries. Christine’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to guide the growth of the firm; and she works closely with her leadership team to foster an environment for career growth, innovation, results and fun, while also ensuring a sound operational and financial platform.

  • A Passion For Giving Back:

  • Christine’s passion for travel has always been merged with a calling to weave altruism into her work. She is inspired by solution-based nonprofits, and applauds for profit business models structured to give back. She has traveled to work with charities in Kenya, India, Fiji, Jamaica and Ethiopia and launched the Simply Give program to promote volunteer work and build a bridge between those with resources and those in need.

  • Out of Office:

  • There’s no telling where Chris will be when out of office. She might be on the lacrosse sidelines with her kids; enjoying a new travel adventure with her husband; or planning her next international service trip.