Turner PR

Campbell Levy

Vice President, Media Relations

  • What He Does:

  • Campbell is committed to securing coverage where it matters most for TURNER’s clients. In addition to personally securing media placements in top outlets, he oversees TURNER's team to ensure ongoing, strategic media relations results across the agency’s entire travel portfolio.

  • His Skills:

  • A diverse background representing culinary, high-end travel, hospitality and outdoor clientele has allowed Campbell to establish trends instead of following them. His relationships with the media are forged in more than a decade of sowing what he sells – actually creating stories with journalists in the backcountry, within the tents at food & wine festivals and on road trips through the American West.

  • Living the Lifestyle:

  • Rarely desk-bound, Campbell is constantly in search of the next great story – he’s equally at home conducting desk-side appointments in major media markets as he is guiding bicycle brewery tours or hoofing it in the backcountry alongside journalists (sometimes with llamas).

  • Out of Office:

  • Hundred-mile mountain bike races, backcountry travel, road trips in his vintage Volkswagen Camper, fine dining at the world’s best restaurants, and competing in dog shows with his Bernese Mountain Dog, Wolfgang; Campbell is a walking paradox.